VisualCAD Limited

better communication through visualisation


VisualCAD provides a 3d computer modelling and drafting service.

Our aim is to make your ideas, issues and projects clearer to project partners and stakeholders.

We create high quality visualisations, plans, diagrams and maps which will improve understanding and assist in decision making.

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• Survey data

• Site measurement


• Aerial photographic interpretation

• 3D computer modelling

• 2D CAD and

• Google Earth modelling.

VisualCAD prides itself in geospatial accuracy to create "in context" 3 dimensional models that allow you and your project partners to visualise all the important details.

VisualCAD specialises in:

• Development and Infrastructure Planning.

• Event Planning.

• Subdivision.

• Mapping.

• Landscape context modelling.

• Building envelope interpretation.

• Shading analysis.

We are happy provide contract services to existing businesses using their own branding on request.